Dragon Tiger- A Game of Odds 

Dragon Tiger- A Game of Odds 

Not as popular as baccarat, Dragon Tiger is gaining traction among players across the world. Players do not require experience to participate in the game. Since the game does not entail any complexities, it attracts novices and players alike.

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Basic Rules 

Dragon Tiger is popular across Asian casinos and is a simple game. Any person who has played a game with cards can understand Dragon Tiger. A player needs to bet on either side of the board containing a tiger or a dragon. The dealer will then draw a card from each side, and a comparison will be made. Whichever side exhibits a higher card, the character will win. If you bet for that character, you will be declared a winner instantly and paid off accordingly. JOKER123 Slot offers incredible payouts and offers. However, if there arises a situation of a tie, you will lose half the value of your bet. There can be some proposition bets on individual cards. Dragon Tiger can be played with an eight card deck wherein the cards are ranked as in poker.


If you bet on the Tiger’s side and the card draws out to be higher, you win the game at a onetime rate. The payout involved in a tie is at eight times. However, the house edge can go up to 32.77 percent. There can be other variations to this game. For instance, if you predict that the Tiger’s side will result in an even number, it will pay 1.05 times and vice versa.

Secret Tips and Suggestions 

If you are a beginner, wooed by the magnificence of the gambling world, you can follow the enlisted suggestions to increase your probability of winning.

  • The Odd Number Bet– You can place this bet depending upon the deck being dealt with. You can also apply this technique after multiple turns to increase your chances of winning. Placing an odd bet is always considered safe and has a lower payout than even bets.
  • Repeat Betting on the Same Side– This technique is also applied in a baccarat game. You can bet on the same side or observe the trail through the history tab to analyze a pattern. Professional gamblers suggest that an individual should keep betting on the winning team until the other side starts winning and then switch the strategy.
  • Thrust Out– Also known as the Table-Tennis formula; the strategy calls for players to bet alternatively. You can bet on either character because, in gambling, the bets will alternate until they are repeated.

Getting the hang of Dragon Tiger is not tricky. It does not involve rocket science. It is a sheer game of chance and observation. Therefore, if you are diligent with a two outcome game, Dragon Tiger is the game for you. Multiple variants of the game are available across casinos throughout the world. You can visit Joker Gaming to satiate your thirst for gambling and return with exciting deals and offers.